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LOS ANGELES – HeroMaker Studios launched its genesis NFT collection called Kumite on June 16, 2022.

The Vision "Kumite will define storytelling in web3," said Gareb Shamus, co-founder, and CEO of HeroMaker Studios. "We're taking a whole new creative approach by building sets of NFT descriptive standards that can be extensively adapted to new stories and gameplay, which combines ContentFi with GameFi."

HeroMaker Studios intends to build a creator economy and foster a maker culture in which their NFT holders will become heroes of their own journey. Kumite is the first of many 'character worlds' to come that will form an interoperable ecosystem made up of film, streaming, gaming, avatar generation, in-game wearables, and DApps, across all our franchises.

The Collection Kumite is a 9,600 generative character custom-illustrated project made up of 13 body variations, over 300 traits, and over 14,000 hand-drawn art elements. The collection is formed of 24 families of heroes and villains that engaged in an epic Vortex battle tournament that has been narrated in real-time and whose outcome was shaped and dictated by the community.

"The value of NFTs currently lies in their scarcity and uniqueness. However, NFTs can unlock more possibilities for users, thereby creating new value," said Scott Donnell, co-founder of HeroMaker Studios. "This is why we are creating utility for our NFTs through gamification. We want to offer an intrinsically motivating experience to our users, a journey that unfolds over time in front of them."

The Roadmap The Kumite roadmap includes NFT original graphic novels, virtual trading cards, and a P2E MMO PVE/PVP game. HeroMaker Studios is building a sustainable dual-token economic system made up of a utility-based rewards token ($HMU) and a governance token ($HMG). HeroMaker NFTs come with derivative and commercial rights and provide voting rights within the HeroMaker ecosystem.

Where can you find Kumite? You can find and follow Kumite on Twitter, Instagram, Discord, and Opensea.

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